Amy giving a presentationThe House of Local team are experienced media professionals with backgrounds in news innovation, corporate development, academic research, advertising and mobile technology who have built successful web sites, mobile platforms and online communities for a wide range of clients.

Our work can range from training newsroom staff to developing communication strategies for business organizations to teaching nonprofit professionals the finer points of online communications.

Here are some of the area we cover. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.

Strategic Consulting

  • Product Development & Site creation
  • Basic and advanced social media for media, nonprofit and business organizations
  • Community Engagement & Outreach
  • Developing your content and analytics plan
  • Creating community news packages
  • CMS, Operations & Workflow
  • Coaching & Support/Change management
  • Optimizing your online presence and improve your workflow
  • Online tools for community organizations, nonprofits and small business


  • Marketing and online selling strategies
  • Campaign setup and evaluation
  • Social media, email newsletter and software setup

Social Media

  • Social media network setup and optimization
  • Social media basics for journalists, small businesses and community orgs
  • Strategic planning and evaluations
  • Analytics and measuring

Facebook page setup

Using existing or new content, we’ll create a custom Facebook business page that can increase engagement and allow you to interact directly with customers and clients. Standard pages include bio, photos, email newsletter signup pages, twitter and RSS integration, and customized content pages. (Complexity of custom pages are determined by project and can be created using low cost third party services more customized web developers.)

All Facebook pages include training materials on Facebook best practices, content sourcing and managing your Facebook page.

Email marketing

In today’s universe of “Likes and Tweets,” email is often overlooked as a tool for reaching customers and that’s a shame.

Email marketing is still one of the most effective ways to reach your audience, inform your community and inspire direct action.

We can help you set up your email marketing campaign using a combination of newsletters and direct sales that inform your audience and increase sales and engagement.

  • Newsletter client setup
  • Content planning
  • Contact integration
  • Newsletter design consultation
  • 1-2 month editorial and sales plan
  • Audience building
  • Newsletter design evaluation
  • 3-6 month editorial plan
  • 3-6 month sales plan

Listening Stations

You’re busy and no matter how you slice it, creating content, monitoring your market and managing your online network takes time.

A social media listening station is a private landing page that pulls conversations relevant to you business into one place to give you a top line view of what’s going on in your online world. Monitor your social media accounts, track keywords and competitors, keep an eye on projects and source content for your blog and social media updates. All from one place!

Deliverables: A customized, cloud based Listening Station landing page featuring information relevant to your organization. Training materials for saving time and getting the most out of the information your seeing.

  • Initial consultation
  • Keyword research
  • Listening station tool setup
  • RSS feed and keyword and multimedia integration
  • Training and support documentation

Analytics and measuring

So you have your social media, you’ve got a library of killer content, and you’re rocking your online conversations. But how do you know that it’s working?

Understanding online metrics and establishing a set of on milestones and goals is the best way to make sure all your hard work is producing hard results.

Using a set of online measuring tools, our team can give you a detailed overview of your online presence, show you how to use web analytics and setup monthly goals and milestones to help you optimize your online marketing.


As any good editor will tell you, creating the content is only a part of the editorial process. To create a sustainable content infrastructure it’s important to plan the entire process-that includes the format of your copy, whether you’re going to use pictures and video in your posts, what topics you’re going to cover, where to get ideas for regular updates, how to manage your editorial workflow and how to use social media and online promotion tools to get the word out.

Our team is made up of experienced editors and journalists who have managed content for large news organizations, developed editorial strategies for startups and helped small businesses promote their ideas across the internet. We can help you pull everything together into a manageable system that maximizes the effect and reach of your copy without taking up all of your time.

Deliverables: 1 editorial marketing plan delivered as a PDF document that includes topic and keyword research, 3 month editorial plan, ideas for sourcing content on a regular basis, promotional ideas and basic training, style guide and tools for managing the entire process.

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